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Star Trek MC

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Welcome to Star Trek MC! Star Trek MC is an RP server in the Star Trek universe. At the beginning, you think of a name for your character and a career. Careers are the departments such as Tactics, engineers, etc. Ranks are not purchasable and can only be earned. This happens through the weekly RP missions. At least once a week, these RP events take place. With frequent appearances you rise in rank and soon has a leadership role on the ship. About the story: Youre a young, ambitious cadet assigned to the USS Titan. You start with the rank Ensign. On the first day on the ship you will be assigned your role as well as your own quarters that you can set up independently. You can also go to the RP outside the weekly times, but the attendance hours are not counted there. For even more fun we have set up our own website. Here you can give your RP character a biography including biography, read logbook entries from past missions or sniff the announcements. RP Missions: To keep RP missions from becoming monotonous, we have storytellers in addition to builders, devs, and supporters. Storytellers write the rough course of missions for RP events. Their task is to pull the group through the mission and to make sure that the events do not deviate too much from the basic structure. Weekly RP Events: At our well-planned weekly RP events, every player gets their moneys worth. Being in regular attendance means you can score and have a higher chance of ranking higher than other players who do not play that often. It is important to us that you can not buy any ranks with real money and all ranks have to be earned. Ethosiasm and visible motivation for roleplaying are therefore rewarded. Community: We are a small but very informal community that has a very good relationship with each other. No screaming little kids but grown-up people who are also more often for fun. If you are a builder or a supporter you are welcome to contact us, we are looking for reinforcement!

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Server Version CraftBukkit 1.12.2
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