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Soul or Life

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Soul or Life is a Survival PvP server! The economy is much different then most servers! You carry it around on your person, and can lose it when you die! Build your fort, town, city, or guild! Work together to defend or fight your enemies! Sail ships, Shoot cannons, Catapults, Ballista, and more! all to protect what is yours or take it from others! So make friends band together, and fight for your soul or for your life! we also have minigames! racing, parkour, mazes, arenas, spleef, Dungeons, drop parties and more! BE A Merchant: Make an honest living by collecting resources, and traveling too the market where you may buy, and sell items! you can also sell them to other players! there is no teleporting to the market though! So you must do it the old fashioned way just like a real Merchant!Be A Pirate/Thief/Robber: Make a living by raiding players for their coin and resources! as they say "YOUR stuff is MY treasure! you may lay siege to players claims if they are online. you may break doors, gates, and trapdoors to get in their walls, and to get too their treasure room! BE An Adventurer: Make your living exploring the land, finding dungeons, and killing the bad-est monsters around

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Country United States US
Tags Mini Games PvP PvE Roleplay Survival
Server Version Spigot 1.12.2
Uptime 99%
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