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Server IP: NO LONGER A FACTIONS SERVER! LUCID IS NOW A PIT / KITPVP SERVER UK HOSTED SEMI REPLICA OF HYPIXELS PIT INCLUDING MORE ITEMS / UPGRADES AND PERKS CURRENTLY ALPHA TESTING! tags: lucid, lucid space,, faction, faction server, factions, factions server, pvp, pvp server, minecraft, minecraft server, kits server, server, kitpvp server, pit server, kitpvp, kit pvp, kit pvp server, duel server, practise server, 1v1 server

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Status Online
Owner yutz
Last Ping
Players 0/120
Country United Kingdom GB
Tags Economy KitPvP Parkour PvP
Server Version TacoSpigot 1.8.8
Uptime 99%
Votes 81
Hits this month 49