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Welcome! Hi, I'm Dan and I'm the Head Owner of an amazing survival server, community and family. Our server is non pay-to-win, so you can still play without paying anything! We do have ranks and permissions you can buy online with real money, but you can purchase all these items using in-game currency too! Our staff team are proud to be staff on our server, and they've been put through many tests so they know how to deal with all types of players. If you have a problem in game, you can ask another player, or the staff, and if you still can't find the right answer or solution, you can simply look for it on our forums! Our server prides itself in being safe and entertaining for all ages. We have server restrictions in place to stop swearing or offensive comments from entering our forums, chat, signs or books both in-game and online. Our server has been developed in such a way that we know what all ages of players want in a server, therefore we are able to provide entertainment and fun for everyone who joins. We have placed other goals to try and ingage with our community of CloudCrafters more so that we can tailor our server more towards what they want, as well as what we think would be best for everyone. "CloudCraft is a fun, family friendly server where anyone can go to escape their real life issues. With such a friendly player base and loads of astounding builds by our amazing Build Team, its recommended for anyone to play on, so whats stopping you?" ~ aidya11

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Status Online
Website PLAY
Last Ping
Players 1/60
Country United Kingdom GB
Tags Economy PvE
Server Version Paper 1.18.1
Uptime 99%
Votes 0
Hits this month 11