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SKYHAZE SKYBLOCK SERVER SkyHaze is a Skyblock server with a Faction server coming very, very soon! Everything on the server is custom, and made from scratch. My team and I worked very hard to push out a fun, custom, stable, server. The server has been up for about one year now and we are taking any suggestions the community has to make the experience of the server even better! If you don't know what SkyBlock is, SB is a very fun and creative gamemode where you start on a small, floating island where you only have one tree, and a limited amount of dirt and supplies. You need to make do with what you have by building a cobblestone generator and expanding your island. Make money by selling farming items to buy rarer blocks and make a fancier looking island. You can team up with friends or go solo on your own adventure to create the best island on the server. We are not currently looking for moderators, asking for a staff position is against the rules. Make sure you read the rules when you join to ensure a fun community for everyone. Some mods are allowed such as auto clicker (for mining only), fullbright, schematica, etc. For a full list of allowed mods you can find them in /rules when you join the server. Join today and start to create your SkyBlock empire!

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Country United States US
Tags Economy MCMMO PvP Skyblock Survival
Server Version Spigot 1.12
Uptime 99%
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