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Szheventos - Survival Raiding Hy Favicon Szheventos - Survival Raiding Hy

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At Szheventos we offer a great survival raiding experience.Our raiding system lets you play Minecraft without the worry of people stealing but let you have an opportunity to steal from others if they do not take the proper precautions. You can set up your vault when you reach member status and protect a room with no doors or openings with your golden shovel. Then do /sethome vault and voila! There is no chest protection so you'll have loads of fun pillaging and looting other players!Claims are available so people can't grief your masterpieces.We also have mob arenas, custom mobs and a shop.New items to craft! New armor!Come play today the newest version of Minecraft at Szheventos.

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Status Offline
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Players 0/20
Country United States US
Tags PvP Raiding Survival
Server Version Paper 1.12.2
Uptime 99%
Votes 0
Hits this month 6