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Kelradig Survival IP: Shop: Site: Discord: About Break right in to **Kelradig Survival** an SMP server created to give **you** the best experience possible. We have SMP and more gamemodes like Skyblock and KitPVP are coming soon! What are you waiting for? Join now at ****! (I have permission from the server owner to post this post) # SERVER RULES: (When sent) [1] Swearing is allowed but no racist/ highly offensive terms (Eg, N-Word) [2] Grief is allowed but not excessively etc. blowing up a house or making a base unable to be used. [3] Spawn camping new players or just repeatedly killing the same person. [4] Use common sense, if you think its not allowed ask a staff member. [5] You must not grief any structure with the NoGrief flag. [6] You must abide by the Minecraft TOS. [7] You must abide by the Discord TOS if you are on the Discord server. ( ) [8] Do not argue with staff. If a staff is arguing they are trying to end it, not keep escalate it. [9] No alts. [10] No ban evading. This will be a permanent IP ban. [11] Don’t spam, flood, or similar. [12] Advertising isn't allowed. This includes sending any links. [13] No NSFW media including videos, images, explicit writing, or similar. [14] Respect other players. Feel free to throw a few jokes around, but directly harassing another player repeatedly is just mean. [15] Unless it's a YouTube rank, don’t ask for a role, a rank, free admin, or similar. Doing this is pretty much an immediate warn. [16] Any third party app is not allowed, and is an immediate temporary ban. This includes third party clients (Eg. Hack clients) or autoclickers. [17] Anything cheating related is an immediate temporary ban. [18] Failure to inform a staff member about a bug will get you banned. ## STAFF RULES: [1] Be Responsible with the privileges you are given as a Builder/Helper/Mod/Admin/etc. [2] Do not spawn blocks or items for other players. [3] When Trading, only buy and sell legit items. [4] Only help build for other players using legit items and blocks. [5] No Power Abuse. [6] Do not use your power for your own advantage. (Eg. Giving yourself free money or blocks)

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Status Offline
Website PLAY
Last Ping
Players 1/1000
Country United States US
Tags Economy KitPvP Mini Games Raiding Survival
Server Version Waterfall 1.8.x, 1.9.x, 1.10.x, 1.11.x, 1.12.x, 1.13.x, 1.14.x, 1.15.x, 1.16.x
Uptime 99%
Votes 0
Hits this month 8