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Why join? With our unique SMP plugins, you always have something to do. Imagine the server as Minecraft + Clash Of Clans. Like towny + factions but significantly much better, with much more to offer. In Civs players can build towns, outposts, and nations that require houses, farms, defenses, mines, quarries, generators, and whatever else you need or want. Structures can do just about anything you can imagine. There are over 20+ government types that influence town structure. There are over 140 structures to build. Players can be a resident in 5 towns(including outpost) at a single time. Since town land is protected with Civs, they can only be raided/griefed with war mechanics(outpost + siege machines) by degrading their power. You can level up your town accordingly. You can do Pillager raids in your town. Civs uses a custom GUI - use /cv to get started or right click on your civs book in-game *We have a guide on our discord, if you have any other questions feel free to ask* The server difficulty is set at hard Other Features: A cave update Coronavirus/Covid19 Pets Timber! Which has a custom realistic animation Unique mobs Town/settlement/nation/outpost land claim Grappling Hook Playtime & Vote Rewards Chest & inventory sorting Resource world (/rw tp) Custom Achievements/Quest system GUI for all features/commands *Civs, Shops, Achievements* No 1.9 Item cooldown(1.8 style combat) No OP items and no OP enchantments No world border Periodic events (Weekdays & Weekends)

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Status Offline
Website PLAY
Last Ping
Players 1/20
Country United States US
Tags Economy PvE Raiding Towny Vanilla
Server Version Paper 1.17
Uptime 99%
Votes 0
Hits this month 7