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Spgiot 1.12.2 Server (The server must run on 1.12.2 Spigot/Paper + with [‚Äčoptional] ProtocolSupport plugin players below 1.12.2 till 1.8 can still join the server). 45+ Custom plugins. Custom enchantments menu (Armor, Tools) Free world with it's own spawn and RandomTP command. Plots world (30x30). Gems shop (1$ = 1 Gem - made for in-game purchases) Custom Join Messages Custom Jump pads Custom Prestiges - A Fully made and customizable Prestige System made of 1000 Prestiges Prestige Master - After the max prestige you can Prestige Master to reset 90% your data such as Rank, Prestige, Money, Blocks, Tokens) all all are optional, you can customize it as you like in the config files. (with a cool prestige master badge and counter) Sell multipliers - There are 2 ways to get a sell multiplier and both are customizable, you can get a sell multiplier from prestiges and permissions. Sell/Ranks/Prestiges Multipliers - Everytime you prestige your ranks, sells and prestiges become more expensive Custom Ranks system, made from A-Z with a special mine for each rank. 26 Rank Mines 3 Donor Ranks with a mine for each rank. 4 Prestige Mines (P1, P3, P5 and P10). 1 Luck Mine that can be earned from crates A Total of 34 Custom, Modern Mines most of them made by the great builder AspireBuilds from these 2 mine packs (Pack 1, Pack 2) Semi-OP prison - Balanced economy system, with sell/ranks/prestiges multipliers. Modern and neat Mines GUI Custom & Neat Warps Menu. Advanced & Custom Lucky blocks system with many prizes Custom pouches (Money, Exp and Tokens with 3 tiers) PvP System (Levels, kills, deaths, KD, Shop, Rewards, Crystals) PvP Shop & rewards (With PvP crystals you can buy from PvP Shop such as PvP items, armors and much more) RandomTP for free world Custom Sell system (AutoSell, SellAll and Sell GUI) Some custom commands to help players with the server. Custom /Shop. Players Shop (ChestShop) Custom Tablist (Names, Header and Footer) Advanced & Custom Tags system. Custom tokens system with token shop & token blocks in mines. Custom Tool drop check for some items & tools (Press ! twice to drop). Custom /trash GUI. Advanced & Custom Drugs System (in-game controllable) (Unlimited of effects). 7 Staff Ranks (Owner, Co-Owner, Dev, Manager, Admin, Mod and Helper). 3 Donor ranks (VIP, VIP+ and MVP+). Auctions System. (Same as AuctionHouse) 7 Crates Custom Anti Ads & Swearing systems. No glitched blocks while mining. A neat Boss bar announcer. Fully made Voting rewards.

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Status Offline
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Players 0/1
Country United States US
Tags Prison
Server Version BungeeCord 1.8.x-1.16.x
Uptime 99%
Votes 0
Hits this month 4