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We are a pure roleplay server, which is to say that all of the focus is on writing with the server's only purpose being the setting and prop. There is no winning or losing, only story and character. We've been working very hard over the last two years to craft an expansive lore for our world, and it is still growing. We encourage players to be original and even add lore to support their characters as long as it does not conflict with existing lore.
The world of Lysera is somewhat renaissance and all fantasy. Though some inspiration has been drawn from the real world, each culture and nation is its own. The continent is mapped and fleshed out, however all roleplay takes place within the citystate of Tyrus until player density allows us to expand.
You find yourself on the continent of Lysera, a land as rich in resource as it is diverse in culture and climate. To the north-west where temperatures often plummet far below zero, one would find the lands of the inexorable Fjell clans and their capital, Fjellgend. Take a north-easterly course and you enter the plains and temperate woodland of the sagacious Bythiot people and their grand Empire of Bythium. Travel to the south and you strike the vast desert of Qumar, home to the Qumari people, the only remaining loyal vassals of Bythium.
Taking center stage, however, is the isle of Tyrus, home to the eclectic Tyrian people. Originally a Bythiot settlement, it gained independence and has expanded it's influence over the continent as a whole. But it is not without its turmoil. This vibrant city simmers with unrest between an assassination and a looming invasion. It is here where you will carve your story.

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