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You know who you are. One who is weary of the chains that other servers place upon you. Do you yearn for freedom? Or rather, do you thirst for chaos? Enter a land where you are free- to kill, steal, destroy, and conquer anywhere, anyone, and anything.
NO Faction Plugins
NO Build Protection Plugins
NO Economy Plugins
NO World Border Limits

Griefing ALLOWED
Map Reset NEVER

Be warned. It will not be easy. The unforgiving hellish waste of the ancient map shall greet you, and you will be alone- cold, starving, and without help. Will you rise to build a vast and prosperous kingdom in a faraway land? Or will it join the hundreds of ruins of the many civilizations that stand as monuments of destruction and betrayal?
Or will YOU be the one to BURN them to the ground? The choice is yours.
Most will fail. Some will survive.
Some will build Empires.
And some will destroy them.

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Status Online
Website PLAY
Last Ping
Players 11/2147483647
Country France FR
Tags Anarchy PvP PvE Raiding Survival
Server Version Paper 1.17.1
Uptime 99%
Votes 0
Hits this month 14