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FUNPLAY | [24/7] Favicon FUNPLAY | [24/7]

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▆▇██ ♫ FunPlay ♫ ██▇▆ ►► FunPlay is a new, very exiting minigame server! ►► Play game modes like TTT, BOMB, MOBARENA, PAINTBALL... ►► Come support us! Gamemodes: - Mobarena Select your class and survive waves of mobs. Mobarena comes up with an ingame-shop and VIP-classes which you can buy in the shop! - Paintball Frag the other players and win by eliminating the other team! You can buy several items in an ingame-shop and use them to destroy your enemies! - TroubleinTerroristsTown Play unique TTT with guns. Find out who the Traitors are and kill them! - Bomb Unlock 30 guns in the shop and make your two bombs explode! Some more exiting stuff: - Cosmetics - Friend system - Shop - Mysteryboxes - ... Please report bugs to our serverteam! It will help us develop the server. HAVE FUN!!!

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Status Offline
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Players 0/0
Country Germany DE
Tags Mini Games
Server Version BungeeCord 1.8.x-1.15.x
Uptime 79%
Votes 0
Hits this month 3